All students will receive written feedback to help them to achieve their goals each week. This is also a reference for parents to see how their child is progressing. Students are encouraged to practice on a daily basis.



Lessons are paid for one lesson in advance for €45 per half hour/€90 per hour or in advance of 10 lessons to receive a discounted price. When paying in advance, parents/pupils will receive a bill on the final lesson that will provide details of payment for continuation of lessons.

A late fee of €5 is charged for every lesson that payment is not received and will need to be paid by the following lesson.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be provided at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson in order for the lesson to be rescheduled. The make-up lesson will need to be rescheduled within four weeks. If the parent/pupil fails to comply with this policy, the teacher is not obligated to reschedule or refund the lesson. A limit of one per four lessons will be rescheduled.

If the tutor is unable to attend a lesson, sufficient notice or either a refund /make up-lesson will be provided.



Music Tutor Please can be contacted via landline or mobile on weekdays between the hours of 8am – 8pm. Phone calls are required to notify the tutor of any cancellations. E-mails may be sent for general communication. Text messages are not an accepted means of communication.



Termination of lessons will be suggested by the tutor in exceptional circumstances with an in depth review one month prior to the suggestion.

Dismissal of the pupil may be suggested for the following:

- Constant defiant and inappropriate behaviour

- Consistent absence/failure to comply with 24-hour cancellation policy

- Consistent lack of compliance with the contract for lessons

A meeting with the parent/pupil will be requested for discussing improvement before being notified in writing two weeks prior to termination.

Notice is required by the pupil/parent if they wish to conclude the lessons. All lessons that have been paid for will be given but no refunds will be provided.


- $45 per 30-minute weekly lesson

- $68 per 45-minute weekly lesson

- $90 per 60-minute weekly lesson

- Discount for ten lessons paid in advance

- If music books are purchased by the teacher, then the total amount due is payable upon order. Alternatively, students have the option of ordering their own books.



Music Tutor Please is not responsible for any bodily injuries at the property or for any personal belonging that are left at the property.